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Holly Adams Holly Adams has been a key player as a promoter, supporter, DJ, Voice Over Artist and host in Los Angeles Electronic Dance Music Culture since the early ’90s, having been the Mid-Day On-Air Personality on both of L.A.’s only major commercial Electronic Dance Music Radio stations, MARS-FM and Groove Radio 103.1. A DJ in the underground dance scene for over 16 years, Holly has performed in venues all over California, Las Vegas, Arizona, Portland, Oregon, Alaska, Mexico and beyond. A gig to remember was opening at Downtown L.A.’s legendary Mayan Theater for Tiesto’s first West Coast appearance. (She announces this historical performance on Tiesto’s mix CD, Live From the Mayan.) With a summer residency at Moonshadows, an ultra-hip, chic restaurant/lounge overlooking the ocean in Malibu, and Holly plays regularly at events with the Cruz Coalition, Afterhour Power, Feelgoodnights, Secret Cinema and so many other major promoters around town. Holly Adams also can be heard as a local announcer and traffic reporter on world-renowned NPR affiliate, 89.9 KCRW (www.kcrw.com) and whenever she’s in Australia as a guest on Kiss-FM in Melbourne. Look for her new Mixshow currently in creation launching soon in 2014.

Holly involves herself with projects that help others become more spiritually satisfied people, musically and otherwise. She’s always down to help others create new and wonderful things in the world of art, music and the entertainment experience. Whether you catch her playing a funky, sexy house set or those pumpin’ beats, diva Holly Adams is dedicated to keeping you feeling all that you can feel, emotionally, physically and beyond. It’s all about the total experience.”



Refusing to commit to any one genre of music, Holly enjoys the full journey through beats and sounds, ranging from deep house to banging techno, encompassing whatever it is you want to label it; tribal, deep, funky house, progressive, tech-house, trip hop…sounds that touch the soul. As Holly puts it, “it’s all House and Techno to me.”

Throughout the years, Holly has also been heard on 99.9 KTYD, Santa Barbara, 103.1 KOCM, Newport Beach (K-Ocean), 103.5 KEDG, Las Vegas (The Edge), 98.5 KOME, San Jose, XHRM, San Diego (The Flash) and currently 89.9 KCRW, Santa Monica (National Public Radio).



Holly Adams

(310) 809-3373

Bookings: Holly@DJHollyAdams.com

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